The End & New Beginnings

It’s taken me quite awhile to write this update, partially from exhaustion and partially from the sadness I feel knowing that the internship really is over. This summer radically changed the way I see God, his grace, his timing, and the mystery that is his love. Part of the emotions coming home consisted of sadness from hard goodbyes, but part of it really is from the way God has changed me from the inside out. There were so many joys and trials from this summer, I don’t know how anyone could leave this summer without experiencing God changing you. And because of that, this was the best summer of my life.

Ever since I get back, people ask how it was, and it’s so hard to answer that in one passing comment. Because most times, people ask as they see me going to class, or at church, or another setting where I can’t tell them all the beautiful things God did this summer. I feel like a safe response is, “it was so good,” because of all the good things that God did. Truthfully, when people ask me, I either feel like crying or rambling for an hour about how amazing it was. When we debriefed the summer, we learned that it’s so hard to explain to people who have never done the internship how deeply impactful it was, and really, it’s such a deep community that I can only ever share that with those who shared it with me. In a way, though, that’s such a sweet thing.

But, to sum it up, I can say that God pushed me in ways I was not comfortable being pushed. Isn’t it so sweet that we serve a God who loves us too much to leave us where we’re at? I feel like the summer has been a lesson in spiritual growth, amongst many things, and no one can leave unchanged. God really pushed me into being bold and courageous, something I’ve never been very good at, and how to have grace when you’re tired, hungry, sick, and drained. So, really, my two biggest weaknesses spiritually. Because Jesus didn’t stop having grace for us when he died on the cross, who am I to stop having grace for a student, an American team member, a fellow intern? Being tired is not an excuse to have an ugly heart.

A big thing for me that God really stretched me in was to stop comparing myself to other people. The only human that we can ever strive to be like is Jesus, and we have a beautiful creator who gave each of us gifts. Different gifts are not better than one another because God uses all of them for his kingdom. Comparison has always been something I struggle with and God gave me the chance to lean on him in that. Like I said, he loves us far too much to leave us where we’re at.

I’ve learned that if you can talk to teenagers, you truly can talk to anyone. You CAN eat too many potatoes. You can NOT drink too much Kofola. God is always good even when you can’t see what he’s doing. Spiritual warfare is real, but we’re on the winning side. Not carving time out for God is the surest way to have a bad day. Everyone is tired, there is no reason to say it out loud. However, rest is important; rest weekends are an intern’s ultimate blessing. It is not more or less important to minister to a total atheist student over a Christian student; meaning, if you spend your week encouraging the Christian girl who is looked down upon by her family and friends for being a Christian, that is just as important to the kingdom as finding the student who doesn’t know Jesus. Train rides are the best for naps, reading, listening to music, and having a quiet time. Tea is a staple and is consumed more than water, so make sure you drink water. Or you will get sick. Not you might. You will.

Dynamic community is hard to find, and Josiah Venture has pretty much nailed it. Team Scoot has nailed it. The last thing I’ll say is that I learned more about discipleship, being a good sister in Christ, and serving others than ever. There’s such a sweetness in having a community that supports one another, and you can lean on when you feel discouraged. I’m so serious, this internship was hard. This summer was hard. But Jesus is always worth it. If you’d like to pray throughout the year for the cities we worked with, pray for Trutnov, Prague, and Opava as they continue to grow their youth groups and disciple new believers. I hope you were able to see God at work throughout the summer, and we know that he will continue. For all of you that prayed this summer, truly, thank you. Your prayers were absolutely necessary and I encourage you to continue in praying for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe.

In Christ,


“What, then, shall we say? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31


Camp Two is Through

I really, truly cannot believe I’m writing this update from Malenovice. This place is where we had intern training. Last time I was here, I barely knew my teammates. I barely knew anyone. I had no idea what to expect aside from my knowledge of what English camp is like, and here we are, about to start camp #3. Where has the summer gone?! How is it already camp #3? I’ve had some time to think about the summer thus far but I’d rather not do that yet. The summer is not over and there is still so much to learn. 

Our second camp, which we returned from on Saturday, was with a church in Prague called KS. While KS has done English camp for a long time, their new American team from Dallas, Pennsylvania (nope, not Texas!) had never done camp before, and that’s where we came in. It was a complete 180 from our last camp in which neither teams had put on a camp, and it was nice to see God working in different camps, different ways. We had the joy to serve them and guide the American team through their first camp, as well as be a bridge between the Czech and American churches. Really, being an intern rocks. I can’t believe I get to do this. 

Sometimes, however, you get sick. Your team gets sick, your campers get sick, and then everyone gets sick. You get tired, you get stressed, and that’s when you learn to turn to Jesus even when the problems aren’t directly spiritual. I’m learning that yes, Jesus still wants to take over when our problems aren’t just spiritual but physical, mental, relational, and all around seemingly small. I’ve learned that Jesus sees no shame in us asking for his help with our physical weaknesses, and somehow along the way of life I had this mentality that you don’t pray for tiredness because it’s my fault for not getting enough sleep or something. But really, the Lord will provide when you’re tired, when you’re cranky, hungry, and irritable. Those parts of us come out at camp and we have the power to pray and ask God to help us carry them. And that’s such a sweet thing. 

Speaking of the sweetness of Jesus, I had the absolute joy of helping the pastor of the American church teach intermediate English with just the sweetest students. There were so many fits of laughter, successful English games, great discussion groups, and good times had by all. One of my personal favorites was our prank skit during the camp talent show in which we scared campers/interns (sorry Basia!!) with a hidden head. Camp was full of life and laughter this term, not to mention full of students. In fact, camp was so full that some of the interns couldn’t fit and had to sleep elsewhere! Which totally wasn’t a problem; I’m fine with walking a few meters in the morning if it means more students learning about Jesus. 

Our second camp was successful in fun and in sharing the love of Jesus, even if at times we get tired, sick, and discouraged. We know where our help comes from and we look towards God for it. I’m so excited for our third camp with the church in Opava, which will be a camp lead by all interns seeing as how we don’t have an American team. I’m so excited to combine Team Scoot with Team Butterfinger (we make Team Butterscoot) and go out with a bang in this summer of serving. 

Please pray over the next few days for our team to get plenty of rest. After two camps, it’s easy for us to all be tired and sick. But we are not yet done with what God brought us here to do. Pray for healing of any sicknesses, great team bonding, and once again, plenty of rest. I definitely encourage you to pray for unity among our two teams and peacefulness in cooperation so that the students see us and want to be part of the loving community that we are part of. Pray for new relationships with students to form, and the students’ hearts to be receptive and open as we go in and show them what the love of Jesus looks like. 

Thank you for your prayers!! I can’t wait for camp round 3!!

In Christ,


Camp One is Done!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, and a lot has happened since then. Since my last update, we’ve done our first short term team training, traveled to our first English camp with a Czech church from Trutnov and an American team from Arizona, and had a blast of a first camp. It was the first camp not only for our intern team, but for the churches as well. And it really was a great camp. 

I’m writing this update from our second short term team training, and it’s kind of hard to wrap up all that’s happened in this post because a lot has happened. First off, our camp was up in the mountains and it was about 50° on average every day. It’s about double that in Arkansas right now, so I’m praising Jesus for the weather! I had the absolute joy and challenge of teaching the beginner English class at camp, and while that can be hard considering I have little to no knowledge of Czech and had never taught beginner before, I was lucky enough to have two amazing translators and a helper from Arizona that made the class fun, engaging, and most importantly, educational. 

I also had the task of preparing Labyrinth, or gospel night, and it proved to be a bit of a challenge that required God to strengthen me in patience and grace, as well as organization. I’m not a very organized person, so with the help of my team, labyrinth was very successful and we saw students make the decision to follow Jesus, which throws all the stress and challenges out the window in my book. Nothing is ever not worth bringing people closer to Jesus. It was wonderful really, and the enthusiastic Czech and American teams made camp such a success overall. I cannot emphasize how amazing they were, especially at a first camp. 

We had a team member go to the hospital, so please pray for Nick as he recovers from a heart issue that I am unsure of the name. He’s back with us after a night in the hospital during camp, and he’s doing okay, but he still has pain from time to time. We went from #TeamNoHospital to just #TeamNoCrutches, and considering the amount of interns on crutches this summer, that’s truly a streak to be proud of. Myself and my team leader Nelson had food poisoning this week, but it’s not the hospital so we still consider our team to be #TeamHealthy. My nurse mom should be proud!

All in all, I am so honored and joyful to have been part of the Trutnov English camp. Their youth group has so much heart for this ministry and I encourage you to continue to pray for them throughout the year as they continue to grow their youth group and grow in faith in a country where that’s a very hard thing to do. 

This week we’ll head out to our second camp with a team from Pennsylvania to work with a church in Prague. It’ll definitely be a change of pace, as our Trutnov camp had 21 students and this camp will have 50, so please pray for energy, good health among our team, and for the Holy Spirit to be present and moving in the lives of these students we’ll be meeting. Pray for no injuries among camp, because as mild as English Camp sounds, it can get really rough really quickly. Pray for the youth group in Prague as they prepare for this camp and the students as they prepare to come. Thank you for your prayers, and I can’t wait to see how God will work in Prague over the next week and a half. 

In Christ,


City Visits & Poland

I’m writing this from Poland, where we’re spending a relaxing few days after our third round of city visits. Its so nice to have this time after city visits to dwell with one another in community before we start training American teams and going to camps. Truly it’s the calm before the storm. 

It’s hard to find words for what yesterday was, seeing as how we spent the day visiting the concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau here in Poland. I can’t say I enjoyed going, because how do you enjoy walking the grounds where millions were murdered? When you step on the grounds of these camps, there is an instant unsettling feeling of true darkness that if I could put into words, I would. I can’t find words for how I felt about going, but I can tell you how it felt to walk through: spiritually heartbreaking. You realize as you walk through that there really is such a thing as true evil, and even that disgusting evil that is the Holocaust can never drown out God’s goodness and his glory. But it’s hard to leave that place and not have questions for God about why it happened and how we should respond. And that’s okay; there’s no question we have that God can’t handle. There’s nothing God can’t handle, and it’s a picture of God’s grace to know that, walking through Auschwitz, Jesus died for Adolf Hitler just as much as he died for you and me. We serve such a gracious God who sent his son to die for all the Nazi guards, generals, and murderers, because even those who do these things do not get disqualified from the love of Jesus. It’s a reminder that God is gracious, far more so than I, and my anger towards what happened there does not mean God didn’t still love them. It’s mind-blowing, awe-inducing, and unsettling. All in all, if you get the chance to go, do it. God reveals himself in the midst of tragedy. 

Now on a lighter note, it’s been so great to visit cities these last 2 weeks and meet students that might come to camp. Prague was amazing, as always. I will never not love a weekend in Prague. The church there has an enthusiastic youth group and a full camp, praise God. We didn’t have to do any school visits because the camp is full, so we got to spend that time getting to know the team we’ll work with. We went on a hike, which was so fun, and had a barbecue. And if you know me, you know I love hiking and eating. It was a great day. This church is passionate about camp and it’s so amazing to see God moving here. 

This last weekend, our team (Team Scoot) and the intern team we live with in Ostrava (Team Butterfinger) combined to become Team Butterscoot, since there isn’t an American team coming to do camp with us in Opava for the third camp. We did 12 classroom visits and met with hundreds of students in two days. It was exhausting, but so fruitful. I got the privilege to stay with Team Butterfinger member Verča and her family, and let me tell you, Czech hospitality is off the chain. I was well fed, well rested, and well taken care of among a busy busy weekend. On Saturday we had a hangout for students thinking about coming to English camp, and lo and behold, people came!! It was so fun to hang out and get to know these students, as well as see the city of Opava. All in all, it was a fruitful weekend and students are signing up. 

Prayer requests for the week:

  • That students will sign up for the first camp in Trutnov. 
  • That our team uses the next few days to be well rested as we prepare to start training American teams and heading into camps. 
  • That the students coming to camps will have open hearts and minds. 
  • That our team continues to stay healthy and we keep our streak of having no one in the hospital. 
  • The American teams we will be working with next week to have safe travels and fruitful camps (see you soon FBC!!)

I’m learning plenty of Czech, and some of it is actually useful. Some of it is the word for caterpillar. Thank you for your prayers!! Enjoy the photo of Prague, because for some reason all the pictures of my team will not save to my phone and that’s what I’m working with here. But Prague is still beautiful!!



A Week of Resting in Ostrava

After our first city visit in Trutnov, CZ, our team has been spending the last few days in Ostrava, our home city, to prepare for our next city visit to Prague. And the rest was much needed. This week I’ve been working on English lessons for camp, my testimony, and reading some C.S. Lewis. All in all, it’s been nice to relax a little and have time to work on things as well as live in community with another team of interns. 

So right now we’re all in Ostrava, and we’re with 5 more interns from another team. Tomorrow we’ll head to Prague for our next city visit and we’ll meet the youth group that we’ll be doing our second English camp with. It’s pretty exciting to go back to Prague, my favorite city in the whole world!! This week, however, I’ve learned that people have been wrong about me my entire life: I am NOT an extrovert. 

People assume I’m an extrovert because I tend to talk a lot (blame my ADD, I guess) but I have learned the importance of spending time to myself to recharge. The truth is, my entire life I’ve been told that I am an extrovert so I just never considered how truly exhausted I always am after any social event, or that I might actually be an introvert. But I’ve definitely learned that I am. I even took that 16 personalities test and I’m an INFP if anyone cared to know. Needless to say, this week of rest has been good for me. I’m recharging and ready to visit another youth group! 

Prayer requests for this week include productivity for my team during downtime, patience with one another as we visit a new city, safe travels when we go to Prague, and pray for the students who haven’t signed up yet for English camp, that God will bring the right students to the right camps. 

I don’t have much to say for this update, as the week has been pretty mellow but much needed. Although we did play laser tag last night, and we’ve had a lot of fun building community among the interns. Thank you for praying and keeping up with me!! 

In Christ,


Intern Training & Other Updates

Well, I’m here, I’m safe, I’m alive, I’m being extremely well fed, not much if anything at all to complain about at good old Malenovice, CZ!! 

The amazing race is over, and while I would love to run around frustrated while not being able to catch a JV taxi and drink fermented goat’s milk all over again (as delicious as it sounds), I’m glad to be going out into the Czech Republic tomorrow to get the ball rolling and follow where Jesus is leading us. Our team is fantastic and we’re all just itching to go and serve. Go Team Scoot!! Maybe I’ll explain the name in a later post. 

So this past week, we’ve been doing intern training and learning what it looks like not only to be a Josiah Venture intern, but a picture of God’s love and grace. If anything has stood out the most in all of the talks and sessions these last few days, it’s that God’s love is so abundant and overwhelmingly beautiful. There’s nothing he can’t do, and he doesn’t need us to do anything; we were chosen by him to further this great commission. How cool is that?! The God of the universe chose us, a bunch of college students/twentysomethings to accomplish his purpose here on earth, to share his name in 13 nations in Central and Eastern Europe and to love others the way he loved us. God’s love is so great and this week has gotten me so fired up to share how great he is with everyone I come in contact with. 

Not only is his love abundant simply in who he is, it’s abundant in his creation. Look at us. Look at the earth. Recently I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool things, including these amazing mountains in Slovakia during the amazing race. It was then, feeling so incredibly tiny in the presence of those mountains, that I was put into the perspective of how big God is and how truly amazing it is that he chose to love us. God chose us. Really, let that sink in. We are chosen by he who made those Slovak mountains. By he who made the beautiful Czech Republic, and Poland, and Slovenia, and all the other nations Josiah Venture is sending missionaries this summer. And he chose us.

Life is pretty wonderful here at the hotel Malenovice, and it’s such a joy spending all my time with people who love Jesus as much as these interns and staff do. Over the last week we have laughed, bonded, and loved one another well in a Christlike way. Today, we had a volleyball tournament that Team Czech unfortunately didn’t do too well in, but all in all it was fun. Yes, I actually played, and NO, I was not even that bad!! 

These interns are already feeling like family. Which is no surprise, because if we have learned anything this week, it’s that God chose all of us to adopt into his family. It’s no wonder 180 children of God in one place feel like a family. We are one, and it’s only getting better by the day. 

Thank you for your prayers and your support during this journey. God is stirring up huge things for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe this summer, and how joyous is it that you, by supporting and praying, are part of that? For now, please pray for the following. 

  • For the travels of my intern team as well as others as we are sent out tomorrow 
  • For all the other countries that Josiah Venture is sending out interns. Those countries are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, and Serbia. 
  • Pray for my sweet Czech friend Tereza as she goes to Latvia on a very long train ride tomorrow, that the long travels will be good bonding time for her team. 
  • For the city visits and school visits my team will be doing over the next few weeks to go well. 
  • For the students that have yet to even sign up for English camp and the youth groups that are preparing for them. 

Once again, thank you for your prayers. We’ve been spending a lot of time in Ephesians these last few days, so I’ll leave you with a verse. 

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

In Christ,


Today’s the day!!!!

I’m at the airport right now and I’m so excited!!! Thank you for all your prayers and financial support over the last 5 months that have lead to this right now. Since I’m in the airport, I’ll keep this brief, but this is just a quick bullet list of things you can be praying for over the next few days!

  • Safe travels, that everything goes well in the airports 
  • All the interns and their flights, making sure everyone gets where they need to go
  • Good bonding with all the intern teams, knowing God put these teams together for a reason
  • The team leaders, that everything goes smoothly for them
  • Continual prayer for the Czech students that will come to English camp this summer

Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I have a flight to catch!!

In Christ,


11 Days of Prayer

Hey everyone! So I have 11 days left to fundraise… scary or exciting?? A little of both! On the one hand, it’s joyful to continue to see God show up in these last few weeks, on the other hand, it’s humbling to wait on him and completely trust him. Praise be to God for giving me the patience and trust to find peace in this process, so thank you for your prayers! I know that God is good, and when his people cry to him day and night, he does not ignore his people. He is good and he responds in timing far better than mine.

So, until the deadline of May 1 is here, I’m inviting you all to pray for something different every day until the deadline. If you’d like to join my prayer team, subscribe to my blog so you can receive emails when I update the prayer list. So here we go!

Day 1, April 20th: 100% of my fundraising goal to be met, praise to God for his fruitfulness.

Day 2, April 21st: my heart to stay faithful, ignoring the lies from the enemy even in the last of my fundraising.

Day 3, April 22nd: give praise to God for all he does, and for peace in my heart about the summer.

Day 4, April 23rd: give thanks to God for providing, and pray for all the JV interns as they also wrap up their fundraising.

Day 5, April 24th: give thanks to God for sending me, and pray for patience, which is hard to keep in the last few days of waiting.

Day 6, April 25th: give praise to God for his goodness, and pray for his good provision.

Day 7, April 26th: give praise to God for being who he is, and pray for fruitful hearts in any last minute givers.

Day 8, April 27th: give honor to God for his incomprehensible plan, and pray for strength for me to follow his will and maintain my academic responsibilities.

Day 9, April 28th: give thanks to God for all the interns dedicating their summer, and pray for that 100% to come in.

Day 10, April 29th: give thanks to God for trials, for they bring us closer to trusting him with childlike faith. Pray for the 100% of funds to come in.

Day 11, April 30th: give honor to God for having a plan so beautiful that we cannot comprehend, and thank him for allowing us to see it. Pray for 100% of the funds to come in.

Please share this, and pray daily. God hears his children who cry to him day and night and does not turn away.

“And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. He said, “In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man. And there was a widow in that city who kept coming to him and saying, ‘Give me justice against my adversary.’ For a while he refused, but afterward he said to himself, ‘Though I neither fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow keeps bothering me, I will give her justice, so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming.’” And the Lord said, “Hear what the unrighteous judge says. And will not God give justice to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?””

Luke 18:1-8

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for being part of this amazing journey that God has sent me on. It’s been a test of faith for sure, but I am absolutely joyful in the struggle. There’s not a part of God’s plan that isn’t good, gracious, and beautiful. I am joyful in this waiting, and I am able to be joyful in the waiting by the grace of God answering my prayers. For the first time about a week and a half ago, I just stopped worrying. I had persistently prayed for God to remove the worry from my heart and I haven’t worried about it at all in about a week and a half, and if you know me well, you know how hard that is for me to stop worrying. If God can change my heart to stop worrying, which is something I do often, surely he can provide and send who he needs to send. God is so good, you guys, and these 11 days are a joyful 11 days.

In Christ,


Support Raising

Hey everyone!! Me again. So,  I currently have 21 days left to raise support to return to the Czech Republic as an intern, and I can almost taste the Kofola (set as the featured image because I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t craving it). Before I get into the financial side of things, I’d like to ask you to pray before continuing reading. Pray for the mission God has set out for myself and my fellow interns, pray for fruitfulness in supporters, pray for patience and joy in my heart, and pray for God to provide in his good time. If you’ve been praying for me during this journey, thank you. It is absolutely essential to pray without ceasing.

So, now to the financial side of things. I’m not a math person, so this took me a bit to figure out. I’m actually kind of proud of myself. In order to raise the rest of my financial goal, the following is needed.

  • 2 people to give $500.
  • 5 people to give $200.
  • 10 people to give $100.
  • 15 people to give $50.

In order to give a donation, go to:

Or, if you’d like to mail a donation, you can do so by writing a check and making it out to Josiah Venture. In the memo, write my intern number which is 1460249. Mail donations to:

Josiah Venture

P.O. Box 4317

Wheaton, IL 60189-4317

Finally, I would like for you to once again pray. Support raising, though rewarding, can be discouraging. Pray for my heart to stay fixed on God’s plan over my own, because it can be so hard for me to blindly say “yes” to God, as it is for so many of us. Pray that I stay joyful in the Lord throughout this process and that I am able to balance my schoolwork with this. Pray that I don’t get anxious but excited for what God is doing, and pray that I shut my ears when lies from the enemy come. Pray for fruitfulness in those who give, and give with a cheerful heart. I can’t wait to be over in Czech, it’s so close I can almost taste it!

Share this post and help me raise my goal! I’ll leave you with some scripture to dwell over as you keep me in your prayers.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” John 14:27

In Christ,


Fundraising and Staying Joyful

Hey guys, I haven’t posted on here in SO long… My bad! Life happens, school happens, and before I know it I’m waist deep in group projects, papers, and stress from all angles. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for me to fall into the trap the enemy sets, telling me to fall into the stress, that if I stop worrying, nothing will get done. It’s far too easy for me to worry, so this post is less about that and more of a giant request for prayer.

First of all, I’m praying for 100% of my fundraising goal to be met by May 1. Support has been slowly coming in, but my time is running out before my eyes. So it’s so essential to pray for my funds to come in.

Second of all, pray for my heart as I wait. Sometimes it gets so hard when you’ve been waiting to just keep waiting patiently, especially when you feel like time is running out and slipping through your hands. My impatient little heart is falling prey to lies from the enemy a lot lately, the enemy telling me that God won’t come through and it’s up to me. I know it’s a lie, I know that God is bigger. But when it comes at you in your vulnerable days, it’s so hard to stay patient.

Third, pray for my fellow interns in this last month of fundraising that God provides for us all to go and share his son Jesus. Pray that God is fruitful in this endeavor.

Support raising is hard, y’all. It’s not only hard to work up the courage to ask people for money, but it’s even harder to trust God with something that is completely and utterly out of my hands. It’s hard to remember that I can’t trust God 75% and expect him to give 100%. In order for God to provide 100%, I need to trust him 110%. My heart is weary lately and it’s hard to build up the strength to rely on him and trust that he’ll do his will. Please pray for my sinful heart and pray that I learn to lean on him in times of trial like this.

Though it’s been difficult, this season of waiting and resting on his promises has only strengthened my faith in him. It’s been a giant test of faith for sure. You truly learn to trust God when you have to trust him on things that are absolutely beyond your own control. I’m not the best at dealing with what I can’t control. But through this process I’m learning daily to trust, follow, and wait. Waiting isn’t something I do very well. I get annoyed when my coffee order takes too long. But God is always, always, always good and his timing is absolutely better than mine.

So above all, pray for God to pull me through with childlike faith. Pray for fruitful supporters. Pray for the support of the other interns.

peace n blessings.


“Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.” 2 Corinthians 9:10