shop updates: international shipping & more!

So… my shop went up on Big Cartel and so many things went wrong. First of all, the shop was not easy to use AT ALL. Several people couldn’t figure out how to order and the orders weren’t even going through. Second of all, they wanted to start charging me $10 a month just to make it more user-friendly. I said “peace out” to that. So my shop is now on Etsy!! Yay!!!!!

ALSO: Etsy allows me to ship my paintings and cards internationally!!!!!! So that’s really really exciting. Unfortunately the t-shirts cannot be internationally shipped due to the weight. But the paintings and cards are good to go!

The new link for my shop is

I also just made the shop name the same as my blog, to make it easier. So now it’s not only easier for people shopping, but it’s also easier for ME to upload more art and get the word out! Praise Jesus for that. So feel free to shop & spread the word, I also take requests for paintings by email!

Also if you already ordered something from the first shop, you are still getting it! If you ordered something but never got an email from me personally, then it didn’t go through and your money didn’t either, Etsy is way easier to use so the problem will be solved!

I don’t have a whole lot to say in this post other than my shop location is changing and I should be doing my British Lit homework but instead I’m writing this… yeah I’m gonna go do that now.

In Christ,



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