Fundraising and Staying Joyful

Hey guys, I haven’t posted on here in SO long… My bad! Life happens, school happens, and before I know it I’m waist deep in group projects, papers, and stress from all angles. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for me to fall into the trap the enemy sets, telling me to fall into the stress, that if I stop worrying, nothing will get done. It’s far too easy for me to worry, so this post is less about that and more of a giant request for prayer.

First of all, I’m praying for 100% of my fundraising goal to be met by May 1. Support has been slowly coming in, but my time is running out before my eyes. So it’s so essential to pray for my funds to come in.

Second of all, pray for my heart as I wait. Sometimes it gets so hard when you’ve been waiting to just keep waiting patiently, especially when you feel like time is running out and slipping through your hands. My impatient little heart is falling prey to lies from the enemy a lot lately, the enemy telling me that God won’t come through and it’s up to me. I know it’s a lie, I know that God is bigger. But when it comes at you in your vulnerable days, it’s so hard to stay patient.

Third, pray for my fellow interns in this last month of fundraising that God provides for us all to go and share his son Jesus. Pray that God is fruitful in this endeavor.

Support raising is hard, y’all. It’s not only hard to work up the courage to ask people for money, but it’s even harder to trust God with something that is completely and utterly out of my hands. It’s hard to remember that I can’t trust God 75% and expect him to give 100%. In order for God to provide 100%, I need to trust him 110%. My heart is weary lately and it’s hard to build up the strength to rely on him and trust that he’ll do his will. Please pray for my sinful heart and pray that I learn to lean on him in times of trial like this.

Though it’s been difficult, this season of waiting and resting on his promises has only strengthened my faith in him. It’s been a giant test of faith for sure. You truly learn to trust God when you have to trust him on things that are absolutely beyond your own control. I’m not the best at dealing with what I can’t control. But through this process I’m learning daily to trust, follow, and wait. Waiting isn’t something I do very well. I get annoyed when my coffee order takes too long. But God is always, always, always good and his timing is absolutely better than mine.

So above all, pray for God to pull me through with childlike faith. Pray for fruitful supporters. Pray for the support of the other interns.

peace n blessings.


“Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.” 2 Corinthians 9:10


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