Intern Training & Other Updates

Well, I’m here, I’m safe, I’m alive, I’m being extremely well fed, not much if anything at all to complain about at good old Malenovice, CZ!! 

The amazing race is over, and while I would love to run around frustrated while not being able to catch a JV taxi and drink fermented goat’s milk all over again (as delicious as it sounds), I’m glad to be going out into the Czech Republic tomorrow to get the ball rolling and follow where Jesus is leading us. Our team is fantastic and we’re all just itching to go and serve. Go Team Scoot!! Maybe I’ll explain the name in a later post. 

So this past week, we’ve been doing intern training and learning what it looks like not only to be a Josiah Venture intern, but a picture of God’s love and grace. If anything has stood out the most in all of the talks and sessions these last few days, it’s that God’s love is so abundant and overwhelmingly beautiful. There’s nothing he can’t do, and he doesn’t need us to do anything; we were chosen by him to further this great commission. How cool is that?! The God of the universe chose us, a bunch of college students/twentysomethings to accomplish his purpose here on earth, to share his name in 13 nations in Central and Eastern Europe and to love others the way he loved us. God’s love is so great and this week has gotten me so fired up to share how great he is with everyone I come in contact with. 

Not only is his love abundant simply in who he is, it’s abundant in his creation. Look at us. Look at the earth. Recently I’ve gotten to see some pretty cool things, including these amazing mountains in Slovakia during the amazing race. It was then, feeling so incredibly tiny in the presence of those mountains, that I was put into the perspective of how big God is and how truly amazing it is that he chose to love us. God chose us. Really, let that sink in. We are chosen by he who made those Slovak mountains. By he who made the beautiful Czech Republic, and Poland, and Slovenia, and all the other nations Josiah Venture is sending missionaries this summer. And he chose us.

Life is pretty wonderful here at the hotel Malenovice, and it’s such a joy spending all my time with people who love Jesus as much as these interns and staff do. Over the last week we have laughed, bonded, and loved one another well in a Christlike way. Today, we had a volleyball tournament that Team Czech unfortunately didn’t do too well in, but all in all it was fun. Yes, I actually played, and NO, I was not even that bad!! 

These interns are already feeling like family. Which is no surprise, because if we have learned anything this week, it’s that God chose all of us to adopt into his family. It’s no wonder 180 children of God in one place feel like a family. We are one, and it’s only getting better by the day. 

Thank you for your prayers and your support during this journey. God is stirring up huge things for the youth of Central and Eastern Europe this summer, and how joyous is it that you, by supporting and praying, are part of that? For now, please pray for the following. 

  • For the travels of my intern team as well as others as we are sent out tomorrow 
  • For all the other countries that Josiah Venture is sending out interns. Those countries are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Latvia, and Serbia. 
  • Pray for my sweet Czech friend Tereza as she goes to Latvia on a very long train ride tomorrow, that the long travels will be good bonding time for her team. 
  • For the city visits and school visits my team will be doing over the next few weeks to go well. 
  • For the students that have yet to even sign up for English camp and the youth groups that are preparing for them. 

Once again, thank you for your prayers. We’ve been spending a lot of time in Ephesians these last few days, so I’ll leave you with a verse. 

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

In Christ,



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