A Week of Resting in Ostrava

After our first city visit in Trutnov, CZ, our team has been spending the last few days in Ostrava, our home city, to prepare for our next city visit to Prague. And the rest was much needed. This week I’ve been working on English lessons for camp, my testimony, and reading some C.S. Lewis. All in all, it’s been nice to relax a little and have time to work on things as well as live in community with another team of interns. 

So right now we’re all in Ostrava, and we’re with 5 more interns from another team. Tomorrow we’ll head to Prague for our next city visit and we’ll meet the youth group that we’ll be doing our second English camp with. It’s pretty exciting to go back to Prague, my favorite city in the whole world!! This week, however, I’ve learned that people have been wrong about me my entire life: I am NOT an extrovert. 

People assume I’m an extrovert because I tend to talk a lot (blame my ADD, I guess) but I have learned the importance of spending time to myself to recharge. The truth is, my entire life I’ve been told that I am an extrovert so I just never considered how truly exhausted I always am after any social event, or that I might actually be an introvert. But I’ve definitely learned that I am. I even took that 16 personalities test and I’m an INFP if anyone cared to know. Needless to say, this week of rest has been good for me. I’m recharging and ready to visit another youth group! 

Prayer requests for this week include productivity for my team during downtime, patience with one another as we visit a new city, safe travels when we go to Prague, and pray for the students who haven’t signed up yet for English camp, that God will bring the right students to the right camps. 

I don’t have much to say for this update, as the week has been pretty mellow but much needed. Although we did play laser tag last night, and we’ve had a lot of fun building community among the interns. Thank you for praying and keeping up with me!! 

In Christ,



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