Camp Two is Through

I really, truly cannot believe I’m writing this update from Malenovice. This place is where we had intern training. Last time I was here, I barely knew my teammates. I barely knew anyone. I had no idea what to expect aside from my knowledge of what English camp is like, and here we are, about to start camp #3. Where has the summer gone?! How is it already camp #3? I’ve had some time to think about the summer thus far but I’d rather not do that yet. The summer is not over and there is still so much to learn. 

Our second camp, which we returned from on Saturday, was with a church in Prague called KS. While KS has done English camp for a long time, their new American team from Dallas, Pennsylvania (nope, not Texas!) had never done camp before, and that’s where we came in. It was a complete 180 from our last camp in which neither teams had put on a camp, and it was nice to see God working in different camps, different ways. We had the joy to serve them and guide the American team through their first camp, as well as be a bridge between the Czech and American churches. Really, being an intern rocks. I can’t believe I get to do this. 

Sometimes, however, you get sick. Your team gets sick, your campers get sick, and then everyone gets sick. You get tired, you get stressed, and that’s when you learn to turn to Jesus even when the problems aren’t directly spiritual. I’m learning that yes, Jesus still wants to take over when our problems aren’t just spiritual but physical, mental, relational, and all around seemingly small. I’ve learned that Jesus sees no shame in us asking for his help with our physical weaknesses, and somehow along the way of life I had this mentality that you don’t pray for tiredness because it’s my fault for not getting enough sleep or something. But really, the Lord will provide when you’re tired, when you’re cranky, hungry, and irritable. Those parts of us come out at camp and we have the power to pray and ask God to help us carry them. And that’s such a sweet thing. 

Speaking of the sweetness of Jesus, I had the absolute joy of helping the pastor of the American church teach intermediate English with just the sweetest students. There were so many fits of laughter, successful English games, great discussion groups, and good times had by all. One of my personal favorites was our prank skit during the camp talent show in which we scared campers/interns (sorry Basia!!) with a hidden head. Camp was full of life and laughter this term, not to mention full of students. In fact, camp was so full that some of the interns couldn’t fit and had to sleep elsewhere! Which totally wasn’t a problem; I’m fine with walking a few meters in the morning if it means more students learning about Jesus. 

Our second camp was successful in fun and in sharing the love of Jesus, even if at times we get tired, sick, and discouraged. We know where our help comes from and we look towards God for it. I’m so excited for our third camp with the church in Opava, which will be a camp lead by all interns seeing as how we don’t have an American team. I’m so excited to combine Team Scoot with Team Butterfinger (we make Team Butterscoot) and go out with a bang in this summer of serving. 

Please pray over the next few days for our team to get plenty of rest. After two camps, it’s easy for us to all be tired and sick. But we are not yet done with what God brought us here to do. Pray for healing of any sicknesses, great team bonding, and once again, plenty of rest. I definitely encourage you to pray for unity among our two teams and peacefulness in cooperation so that the students see us and want to be part of the loving community that we are part of. Pray for new relationships with students to form, and the students’ hearts to be receptive and open as we go in and show them what the love of Jesus looks like. 

Thank you for your prayers!! I can’t wait for camp round 3!!

In Christ,



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