IMG_9789who my name is kelley gillis, i’m a sophomore english (creative writing) major at the university of arkansas, i’m 20 years old, and this will be my third time to go to czech (that’s me in wenceslas square, summer 2k15!). i love jesus, writing, reading, singing, playing guitar, pretending to be an artist, and being around people. i spend too much money on pens and tea.

where czech republic

where’s that? right under poland, southeast of germany

fundraising goal $4,700

where to support me on the website for josiah venture, there is a page labeled “interns” and i’m on that page under czech republic, there’s a picture of me and everything! you can also visit my online shop selling paintings, greeting cards, and t-shirts! lovetothenations.bigcartel.com

trip dates May 24th through August 12th

prayer requests fundraising success, travel safety, the churches in czech and america that will participate in english camp to be prepared, the students that will come to english camp to have receptive hearts, good health for myself and the intern team

questions email me at kelleymgillis@gmail.com


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